Vapor Talent Show

From April 14th to April 16th, Shenzhen International eCig Expo (IECIE) will hold the first Vapor Talent Show, this show aims to initiate a new era and to look for the very best vapors in order to differentiate traditional concept of vape competition and find the amateur master-hand vapors.


As street culture and new youth culture become increasingly favored, the Vapor Talent Show has drawn people’s attention with its new cultural wave identity. When there were still 4 months before the show, it has been widely spread via multiple medias as well as been linked 800 partner physical stores. Since the registration platform opened in January, there have been hundreds of stores signed up for the show, according to Foger, the organizer of the show, registration page was crashed for several times due to the explosion of registration numbers during the Spring Festival, which showing the enthusiasm about the show from physical stores and vapors. 

According to organizer of the show, the videos from the candidates are multifarious, such as flaring smoke ring performance, playing and singing performance, hip-hop, other than a performance with a band, which exactly matches the objective of the Vapor Talent Show, to initiate a new era and to look for the very best vapors. Via the platform of the Vapor Talent Show, we believe that players’ talent would be demonstrated thoroughly.

Up to now, there is only 1 month left before the IECIE is held, then our worldwide professionals are expected to select 10 to 20 players who are with the most excellent talent to participant in the Shenzhen Finals and compete for champion with 100 thousand money award.