2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week

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IECIE -- Winners’ works of the 2017 Asmodus VLOCO Photo Contest

Make Vape Culture Epic

Want to be a fashion icon? You definitely cannot miss the integration of vape and fashion culture which could bring you a splendid smash. Vape culture is not only a label of health but also a boost for popular culture. Basing on vape culture, the VLOCO photography contest aims at shooting the best moment of vape in order to boost the combination of popular vape culture and photography, which presented a new look of creative hipsters. This contest is hold by Shenzhen Creativity Convention & Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., the organizer of IECIE. All works were collected from worldwide photography amateurs and vape players, which let them show us the fanciest moment of vape according to their understanding of vape culture.


Let's take a look of winners’ works:

NO.133 Michelle





NO.93 Saga





NO.175 台灣電子煙女孩









NO.102 挠挠



NO.6 何氏团队-赛

NO.7 钱茂全

NO.13 陆武


NO.143 頑童


This Asmodus VLOCO Photo Contest was held successfully during IECIE.



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