The 2nd Vape Talent Show is Coming!

Next April, IECIE & Foger will continue holding the annual vape event, the second “Vape Talent Show in Shenzhen.

Compare to the first Vape Talent Show, the second one will doubtlessly be one of the most important event in IECIE 2018.


According to the organizer FOGER, the  Vape Talent Show has the highlights

  1. Compare to the 100,000 RMB reward in the first Vape Talent Show, the reward will rise to a new height in next year, and well-know directors will be invited to present a amazing live dancing show!
  2. The Vape Talent Show will be an exclusive sponsor to boundary fashion, automobile industry and other world-class brands.
  3. This event is one of the most influential events in IECIE, and the main stage will be set up in Hall 9 with 3,000 capacity.
  4. The organizer also would promote through more than 2,000 domestic vape retail stores, which covers tons of vapers and fashionable players in more than 36 cities.
  5. The Vape Talent Show will be a global show to attract overseas (HK, Russia, UK, etc.) participants. Overseas participants will be onsite and compete with all the players. Up to now, 80 overseas players have signed up already. What are you still waiting for!


Vape Talent Show delicates to creating a new era of vape and find the strongest new vapor .This theme is in tune with FOGER very much


What is different from any previous traditional vape competition is that Vape Talent Show not only tests vapers’ fancy vaping skill but also the combination of other vaping skill. That is why Foger is one of the most significant partner media of IECIE.