2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week

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Taiwan Bubble tea e-liquid participating in IECIE 2018

HESLIFE Taiwan launched in 2017 the latest series of e-liquid as: Bubble tea, Assam black tea,Blanc De Blancs , Yu He Pao(Taiwan Lychee) and Ice Mint, with ISO and HACCP certification Provides high-quality e-liquids for global Vapers.

Taiwan flavor e-liquid, global new hit!

HESLIFE Taiwan e-liquids are featuring safety, healthiness and strict inspection.

With the rise of safety awareness of vaping in Europe and the United States, vapers need safe & quality e-liquids more than ever, HESLIFE Taiwan also notices this issue, using the original quality control advantages, follow Europe, the United States, Japan and other advanced countries manufacturing process, to create the Taiwan first high-end environmental standards e-liquids.

The new series of products, the bubble tea flavor is the most popular e-liquid for global vapers, and HESLIFE Taiwan chooses IECIE 2018 as an access into the Chinese and global market, hoping to bring Chinese & global market vapers authentic Taiwan flavors e-liquids.

The new series of flavors from the left to the right order: Yu He Pao (Taiwan Lychee), Assam black tea, Bubble tea, Blanc De Blancs and Ice Mint.

HESLIFE Will be in the 2018 IECIE exhibition on April 14-16th , will also introduce more Taiwan flavor e-liquids, welcome everyone come visit to Taiwan Pavilion (booth number 8C51) to have a puff and a relax day.