2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week

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Mixed "Alpha XS" was born from Japan and Taiwan

Our Vision is to create a Vape that is suitable for every single user, which makes you put your heart and soul into, be obsessed with, and enjoy the fun of Vaping. It is easy to master and with good stability, even if a slight puff or move, you will get its response. With 「Alpha XS」unveiled, the dream finally came ture. Simple ‘BUT’ more.


Design Concept

Easy to master, BUT, more Vaping experiences!

Mini outlook, Powerful Performance.

Extremely compact, with a single 18650 Battery, maximal output Wattage: 80W.


Innovative Manufacturing process, keep up with cutting-edge.

Body made of Zinc alloy, with satisfying grasping touch and brilliant appearance.


Smart Chip, prompt move.

Taiwan R&D and design, brand new 80AF V1.0 energy-saving core, activate Fire button within 0.1 second.


Extraordinary elegance, establishing classic style.

Picky on every detail for Exquisiteness, creating extraordinary classics


Japan Supervised, Taiwan Designed

Supervised by Japan Vethos Design co., Ltd, designed by Taiwan top notch team.


International Testing, with EU TPD Certification

Passed the EU standard test for VAPE products