2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week

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Shenzhen Yunji Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and developmen of electronic cigarette products and mobile communication terminal products. After more than ten years of development, it has become an outstanding brand in the industry. Based on domestic and global, the domestic OUKI brand market has accumulated 358 customers and more than 32,000 terminal retail stores, 40% of which are direct wholesalers of OUKI brand, which has cultivated a batch of core and shared Win-win partners; Yunji's OUKITEL overseas brands have now grown into globally renowned brands. Since 2013, OUKITEL has targeted the target markets in Europe, Asia and South America, and has developed more than 130 customers in more than 60 countries. Customers cross-border e-commerce through the AliExpress, Amazon, EBAY and other independent platform to make "OUKITEL" mobile phones all over the world, become the leader of cross-border e-commerce industry; through unremitting efforts, OUKITEL brand has now become Europe, Asia And one of the most popular brands in many countries in South America!

In June 2018, the e-cigarette department was established in response to market demand. We have a R&D team for 35 engineers,1,000 workers in factories and 15 production lines. We are striving to create excellent electronic devices. We look forward to working with you and do a win-win business.Ware leading a revolution in the electronic cigarette industry.


Main products:



350mAh battery capacity,

1.8ML refillable atomizer,

6V Constant voltage output,

Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V,

MIC pneumatic start,

5V500mAh Charging,

1.2ohm newest mesh honeycomb ceramic atomizer



5V1A Charging,

Press button to start,

LED screen display,

2.0ML refillable atomizer,

Working voltage 3.0-4.2V,

1000mAh battery 10A discharge,

Convenient and replaceable atomizing core,

Voltage adjustable ,

support power mode, CBD mode & nicotine salt mode,

maximum power can reach to 30W.

Equipped with 0.6ohm steel mesh large vape coil,1.4ohm normal coil and 1.2ohm ceramic coil. Boost adjustable power mode .A second suction mode(Only need 0.03S )



5V1Ah Charging,


 Output power 7-15W,

Press button to start,

2.0ML refillable atomizer,

 Working voltage 3.3-4.2V,

Multiple protections,

1100mAh Battery 7A discharge rate,

Intelligent battery life indicator, Support CBD and nicotine salt modes,

Convenient and replaceable atomizing core,

Equipped with 0.6ohm steel mesh large vape coil, 1.4ohm normal coil and 1.2ohm ceramic coil.




Come and visit our booth: 8B02.