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As a member of Informa Markets, a global excellent Vape Expo Group, IECIE is an exhibition platform with global influence in the vertical field of Vape. With its long-standing vision of globalization and the resource reserves of a large number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional buyers, IECIE has decided to take an important step with exhibitors and partners: IECIE Vape Show 2022 !

IECIE Vape Show 2022 is expected to cover 50000+㎡, 1000+ brands and 60000+ professional visitors, which will cover Asia, Europe and America and become an important link connecting the global market.

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IECIE Vape Show 2022


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Being a famous e-cigarette show in the industry, IECIE Shenzhen’s area, exhibitors & visitors amount has increased a lot. During this show, we have received many a new and old client, and launched our 3rd atomizer technology and products that many a people were interested on it. After the communication with them, we have collected lots of clients demand, and many a clients have visited our factory. After this IECIE, we have not only widened our business but also build good partnership, which is essential to our business development.


VAZO, the e-cigarette band owned by Zippo Manufacturing Company, has drew lots of attention from exhibitors, media and visitors during IECIE Shenzhen, which was the first show-up of VAZO. During the 3-day show, we have received almost 23 000 visitors, 100+ distributors and wholesalers, and representative buyers from more than 30 countries. More than 50 media have reported our brand.

As we all know, the good success of the show is because of the overseas visitors and clients, thanks for their support and trust. Meanwhile, thanks for IECIE for the show’s excellent organizing and the hard work of the staffs. We believe the global e-cigarette market will be better regulated and developed with our efforts. Let’s meet you guys in October IECIE Shanghai!


Thanks for IECIE’s kind hosting, we are very gland that YOOZ presented at this great vape event.

Through the platform of IECIE, the simulated area of YOOZ exclusive store can be fully displayed in this exhibition for the first time, attracted a large number of high-quality customers from all over the world. We also get to know more new partners. Thank them for their recognition and love for YOOZ products, we sincerely express the intention of cooperation. The most surprising thing is that we signed contract with more than 60 clients on-site, which totally beyond our expectation. We hope IECIE can make things better and better. Let's work together for the development and global promotion of e-cigarette industry. YOOZ will surprise more at 2020 IECIE Shenzhen!


Thanks for the invitation. At IECIE, VPO met with industry users and partners, and also built partnership with more than 100 new agents. The record-breaking number of visitors in IECIE this year proves the correctness of VPO's choice of getting in e-cigarette industry, as well as the industry future growth. VPO is also recognized by many users and agents, which strengthened our confidence in the quality of VPO MINI PRO products. We believe that the innovation and challenging of industrial design can lead e-cigarette to replace tobacco


IECIE 2019 was an iconic milestone for jouz. It was our first exhibition and we are proud to be able to share our brand and our range of heat-not-burn and close-system vape systems with the industry; meeting potential business partners, networking with our peers and other industry experts, and engaging with e-cig enthusiasts from all over the world. Our partnership with this world-class e-cig expo has catapulted our brand into new heights, bringing us one step closer to our mission - giving nicotine users the freedom to indulge while contributing to a world of clean air.


IECIE 2019 is a world window for China's e-cigarette industry and a rare platform for multinationals like APOLLO to tap into the Chinese market. We wish IECIE will be more successful, so that more Chinese e-cigarette enterprises will become global, and attract more multinational enterprises  come to China. This event plays a vital role in the future development of our company. I sincerely hope that IECIE will be more and more successful.


Another year's IECIE ended perfectly . The atmosphere of the event was booming and the heavy rain could not stop the players ‘love for e-cigarettes. The success of the exhibition could not be achieved without the joint efforts of the organizers, exhibitors and players. We believe that everyone has gained a lot during this grand event.

This event is for industry’s communication and promotion. UWELL shows all kinds of equipment developed independently to meet different user needs. It attracts the attention and experience of many visitors, effectively publicized products and brands, and has in-depth exchanges with interested customers. It helps us to better understand user needs. We expect a lot for next year!


The fifth editions of IECIE Shenzhen eCig expo has successfully held, which has great significance to vitavp. Through the high-quality platform provided by the organizer, vitavp has gained  attention and support from thousands of exhibitors with its unique booth design style and high-quality products. At the same time, we took this opportunity to communicate with the visitors face to face, to communicate vitavp's brand culture and product concept to more people inside and outside the circle, and win numerous opportunities and business opportunities with excellent experience.


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Advantage of IECIE Vape Show

IECIE Vape Show focus on the vape industry since 2015, wins the support of the Informa group. As the world's leadingprofessional B2B and B2C industry event, IECIE Vape Show has grown up to a successful brand and professional business platform for the vape industry!

IECIE vape show was born in China. We once created unprecedented large-scale vape expo in Shenzhen and Shanghai, China,which has great influence on vape products in China and even the world. IECIE has served over 2,691 vape and related companies, such as RELX, VOOPOO, SMOK, VAPORESSO, and so on.

IECIE Vape Show always display the latest and popular vape products, including Disposables, Open/Closed Pod Systems, Atomizers, Mods, HTPs, E-liquids, vaping accessories and so on. Number of new product launches will be held at the show,visitors will see the latest products in advance and feel the charm of technology closely.

Meanwhile, In order to make more people know the vape industry correctly, IECIE has hold lots of conferences and forumsfocusing on vape theme. The topic is about the vape industry’s future. Speakers will discuss product technology, such as how to improve the technology or how to maintain the performance of products. Also, there are many professors to talkabout the developing environment and the industry trends to assist brands to plan their business, moreover, they will explain some policies to help merchants make better deals!

What's more, IECIE relies on Informa Markets’ global resources, professional teamwork and international networking to reach far and wide, provides a reliable occasion for you to find your partners, make a deal, and meet potential business opportunities!

IECIE Vape Show will constantly use its global influence to integrate labor, technology, equipment and other resources,to promote product renewal, technology innovation, market expansion and cross-border trade, to grow up constantly aspecialized, efficient and famous exhibition.