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About the expos


IECIE Shenzhen Stop

Time: August 20-22, 2020

Venue: Shenzhen Exhibition & Convention Center Hall 1/2/9


●  60,000 ㎡

●  80,000 professionals visitors

●  2,500 brands


Starting from 2015, IECIE-Shenzhen stop has become the most influential e-cig expo in the world. Covering upstream (accessory supply chain) and downstream (end products and e-commerce solutions) of the industry. IECIE 2020  estimates to attract 90 000+ professional visitors form 80+ countries, to be the best platform for global e-cig technologies and brands to promote and showcase.


Exhibition Scale:

Upstream suppliers:

Chips and Solutions

Battery and Power Management

Heating System and Temperature Tolerance Configuration: Ceramic/Metal Heating Device

E-juice Flavors and Related Products: PG/VG, Bottles, Labels and Printing, Anti-counterfeiting Technology.

Packaging and Related Equipment: such as Plastic Structure, Laser Printing, Automation Equipment, Filling Machine, etc.

New Materials and Technologies: Ceramic Materials, Waterproof Materials, Nanomaterials

Industrial Design

Supply Chain Services and Others

End products:

Disposal pods



Mod devices

Heat-not-burn devices

E-liquids (including nic-salt liquids)



Intelligence property






Targeted Visitors:

●  Brands, manufacturers
●  Distributors, wholesalers
●  Online/offline vape shops
●  Online shopping platforms, e-commerce companies, global traders, gift wholesalers
●  Chain stores
●  Global group buyers
●  Global tobacco companies
●  Vapers, reviewers, KOL



IECIE Shanghai Stop

Time: November 16 - 18, 2020

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall N4/N5


●  23 000 ㎡

●  30000 professionals visitors

●  1000 brands


IECIE Shanghai stop is focusing on the industrial innovation and technology in the fields of Heat-not-Burn and functional e-cigarettes. It is committed to deep excavation, promotion and innovation of the vape industry, expanding the influence of vape culture among the public, leading the upgrading of the industrial structure and creating a new concept of e-cigarettes.

This show conducts in-depth analysis and display of the industry from the perspectives of exhibition and conference, drawing 30+ tobacco companies and 500+ brands worldwide in 2018. In 2019, the Expo will be held with a new image in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with an exhibiting area of 23,000 square meters, and it will attract 1000+ brands.


Specific Areas

●  Heat-not-Burn Area: Heat-not-Burn related devices, accessories, technology, etc.

●  Pods & Nic Salts Area: pods (closed system, open system), nic salts e-liquids, nic-salts- related atomizers, etc. 

●  General eCig Area: mods, e-liquids, atomizers, and related accessories, machines, services


Targeted Visitors:

●  Brands, manufacturers

●  Distributors, wholesalers

●  Online/offline vape shops

●  Online shopping platforms, e-commerce companies, global traders, gift wholesalers

●  Chain stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores

●  Global group buyers

●  Global tobacco related companies

●  Investment and financing companies

●  Vapers, reviewers, KOL


Company Profile of Creativity Informa Markets

Creativity Informa Markets is a Joint venture created by Informa, which is listed on London Stock Exchange and a member of FTSE 100. Informa Markets is the world's leading B2B information services group and the world's largest exhibition organizer, with over 4,400 colleagues working in more than 40 countries. Every year, Informa Markets operates more than 550 international B2B exhibition brands, including 15 core fields such as technology, nutrition and health, biochemistry and pharmacy, life science, beauty, architecture, transportation, maritime, food and hotel, furniture, agriculture, advanced manufacturing and industry, jewelry and apparel, yacht, pop culture, and etc.

Creativity Informa Markets has the most powerful exhibition projects and teams, and especially enjoy a high reputation in the field of electronic industry. We are committed to providing services for the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, through a series of professional exhibition. To create the largest online community in the electronic industry, and to promote a wide range of technical and business networking in the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industry chains. Many of the exhibition projects have become the most trusted communication platform for the professionals in the relevant fields, including ELEXCON, EMBEDDED EXPO (IEE), Mechatronics China (MC), EV & AUTOTRONICS CHINA (EVAC), Shenzhen eCig Expo (IECIE), Shanghai Vape Culture Week, China eHealth EXPO, IoT World China, 5G China, and etc.

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