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2020 Shenzhen eCig Expo has doubled its exhibiting scale to 70,000SQM this year!


2020 Shenzhen eCig Expo has doubled its exhibiting scale to 70,000SQM this year!


The 2020 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo, organized by Creativity Infroma Markets, will be opened from April 24 to 26, 2020 at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center at Hall 1/6/7/8/9. With 70,000SPM of exhibiting scales and more than 2500 vape brands,and most importantly 90000 more vapers visitors from more than 85 countries and regions.



Looking back the global sales amount of e-cigarettes (excluding heating and non-combustion) was 33 USD billion in 2019, while it was 16 USD billion in 2018 which is increased by 106.25 % , and it was 14 times higher than in 2012 (2.2billion USD). In the meantime, 2020 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo also expands its exhibition scales from 37500sqm to 70,000sqm which has doubled its size comparing with 2019 Shenzhen eCig Expo.


Chinese market takes in 16.1% of the global market share of vape industry ranking the fifth country around the world. And according to the statistic given by The Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee, China Electronics Chamber of Commerce. There are 907 vaping hardware manufacturers in China. 85.7% of them are in Shenzhen. And there are 86 Chinese e-juice manufacturers while 72% are purely based in Shenzhen. All this resource proves the best vape business platform IECIE eCig Expo, which is held in the hardcore vape factory center. Shenzhen will bring together all the e-cigarette businessman to gather here for a fruitful business resources exchange. by virtue of the advantages of electronic engineering and foreign trade vape chain, Shenzhen has already become the global eCig industry cluster district. A host of excellent eCig enterprises are springing up, such as iJOY, Sigelei, Joytech, Aspire, SMOK, Hangsen, Vaptio, VAPORESSO, and Kimree.


This year,2020 IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo will launch a series of unique activities:


Vape Museum


Explore the vape history from the first edtion of vape product till the newest vape technology.


Chinese Red Pocket Lottery Wall


Win your Pods devices or even Iphone11 by participating in the IECIE Chinese Red Pocket Lottery Wall by guessing in which red pocket your big prices lie.







The T.R.I.P to the Leading Shenzhen Vape Factories.


IECIE will conducts a unique one-stop solution vape factories trip regarding to 4 themes , technology, Reliability, Innovation, Professional to the deep vape base of shenzhen vape factories, guiding vape distributors and wholesalers to discover the secret of the workshop of vape product.



More waiting for you to explore! Now the per-registration entrance has started now! You can go to : to get your free ticket!


Also, 2020 IECIE eCig Expo remains a few booths opening to snap up! For more quotation information, please click the






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