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T-mall and Relx Leaders Reveal the Potential E-commerce of NTP Market in IECIE NTP Summit


T-mall and Relx Leaders Reveal the Potential E-commerce of NTP Market in IECIE NTP Summit


NTP( New Tobacco Product) summit held by IECIE has drawn numerous Vape, E-cig, distributors and brands to attend in Shenzhen Dayhello international Hotel. In this summit, T-mall leader ,Xuanxiao analyzed the current E-cig market in China giving the fact that the price gradients of e-cigarette products is mainly concentrated in the range of ¥100-500, followed by the second range of ¥250-300. As the evidence shows, the low-priced e-cigarettes are currently on the rise,
The products dominated by Pods show the mainstream price trends and the dominant position of the low-price electronic cigarettes on the T-mall platform according to Xuan.

It is worth noting that the low-price market dominated by disposable pods will grow tremendously and become the new spotlight of the e-cig industry. “How many manufacturers or brands can now produce a Pod with the price less than 15RMB?” Xuanxiao stressed. “This is a new dimension for the E-cig industry, if you don’t do it, and there will be others who are willing to give it a try”.

Qiaodan Tang, director of E-commerce of Relx first publicly stated the story of how Relx has grown within 2 years and build its own e-cig empire in the IECIE NTP summit. She showed the secret of success through four aspects: Brand/Product/R&D/Reputation.


Relx has spent a very huge cost and expense to support the development of the brand image. The main brand promotion methods according to Tang was extensive and deep well connected cooperation between Star & KOL and scene marketing. Perhaps the road to success can’t be replicable, but it is a very useful experience.



In the last part of the summit, the organizer of IECIE e-cig Expo, Leeon has shared the latest Exported and Imported data of E-cig global market, emphasizing the importance of the new rising E-cig market countries, such as Bahrain, New Zealand and Myanmar in the Arab region.


In addition, leeon has also mentioned the on site conferences on IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week

  1. IECIE&36Kr E-cig Consultation Forum
  2. 2019 Global NTP (Heat-Not-Burn) summit
  3. 30+ Brands E-Cigarette New Product Promotion and Distributor Ordering Conference


In fact, this is only a few parts of the Shanghai Vape Culture Week activities being introduced in the summit, IECIE is also constantly improving the VIP service system and enhancing the value-added services to meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors in the e-cig industry. “To be professionalism is the direction we have been working hard to achive. The IECIE Shanghai Vape culture will be held in Shanghai New international Expo Center between 30 Oct and 1 Nov. Are you ready to see your date?” Leeon said.



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