IECIE Clouds Selection Shanghai

2020-11-28-2020-11-28Address:Shanghai ANSA ICC VENUE

IECIE Clouds Selection




IECIE Clouds Selection aims to focus on the field of Open-System vaping device, bringing together open-pod-system vaping device, open-mods devices, atomizers, e-liquid, peripherals and other vaping products, and is committed to in-depth exploration of the amateur market and mods devices. It aims to promote the idea of innovation, expand the influence of vape culture in the mass field, guiding the diversified development of the industrial structure of vaping industry, and creating a new ecology vaping world.




IECIE Clouds Selection will provide vape brands with a platform to showcase their products and engage with vapors in the form of a fashion market, which is different from traditional exhibitions. At the same time, the night arena will also be opened for the first time, re-introducing the vaping competition and fancy vaping competition aiming to attract physical stores and vape amateurs around Shanghai to provide vapors with a new experience with high interests and a stronger sense of participation.



IECIE Clouds Selection only focuses on open-system vaping products: open-system pods, temperature control box, mechanical rod, RDA, RDTA, RBA, E-liquid, heating wire, cotton, tool kit, battery, etc.


Scale: 2000+ square meters, 30+ exhibitors, 1000+ professional visitors


Activities: Vaping Competition, Fancy Vaping Exhibition Competition, DJ Show


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