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Global Electronic Atomization Organization: Call on the Australian government to end the crackdown on legal electronic atomization businesses!


A coalition of vape groups and tobacco harm reduction activists call on the Australian Department of Health to stop the current crackdown on legal vape businesses!


On July 20, local time, electronic aerosol product activists from around the world released a letter urging the Australian Department of Health to end its ongoing crackdown on the local electronic aerosol industry. The move is in response to a notice from the WA Health Department that electronic aerosol store owners have 14 days to cease business.


Seventeen organizations signed the letter


Seventeen consumer groups from around the world signed the letter in support of Western Australian consumers of nebulizer products. Michael Landl, head of the World Alliance for Nebulizer Products, said closing nebulizer stores would lead to a public health disaster.


"Electronic nebulizers have been a lifeline for more than 80 million people struggling to quit smoking. It is the most successful smoking cessation tool to date and is recognized in countries such as the UK, France, and New Zealand. Closing electronic aerosol stores not only causes users of electronic aerosol products to go to the black market to find their favorite products but also prevents many smokers from quitting because they do not have access to reliable information on the market and it is difficult to find alternatives in the market. By restricting access to harm reduction tools while keeping traditional cigarettes on the market, the WA government is opening the door to a public health disaster." "Landl reiterated.


The letter addressed to the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan, stressed that the provisions of the Tobacco Act to ban the sale of all electronic nebulizer materials and flavor electronic nebulizer products referred to by the health inspectors did not exist. Closing electronic aerosol stores would lead to a lack of quality products on the market and an increase in illegal products on the black market, which would be a public health hazard, the letter added.


"The current policy of cracking down on electronic aerosol stores has put the lives of millions of West Australians at risk and this needs to be addressed immediately." "Says Brain Marlow, director of the Campaign to legalize electronic Aerosolisation in Australia.


Information source: Vapingpost

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