Visitor Center Tourism Serivce


1The above price includes 15% service fee and tax. All fees will be settled in RMB. No further notice will be given for price adjustment.

2You need to remit 100% of the room rate to our company in advance as room guarantee. Rooms without remittance will not be reserved.

3If you book more than 10 rooms per day, you can enjoy the preferential price of the team. Please contact the appointed travel consultant for the specific price.

  • Shenzhen AirportHotels
  • HongKong AirportHotels
  • Buick business

    ¥400 /trip

  • car

    ¥350 /trip

  • Toyota alpha

    ¥350 /trip

English Interpretation

From 600RMB for 8 hours per person per day