2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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IECIE - Exhibitors' Testimonials

Shenzhen eCig Expo(IECIE) 2017 has attracted 1000+ brands from 19 countries and regions exhibited their new products in this exhibition, without exhibitors's surpport we will not have made a success. Many thanks from our IECIE Team.IECIE always strives to provide a more professional and internatinal platform to our exhibitors.

Here are part of our exhibitors'testimonials:



It’s the third times of our cooperation with IECIE, and we’ll keep going. We’ve already signed contracts for next year in Shenzhen and in Shanghai after the exhibition, and our booth in Shenzhen will expand three times from its original size next year! The reason we have so much faith and support on them it’s because the high quality customer they offered and their service attitude. As we got lots of nice European customers this time, we can tell IECIE’s overseas dissemination was very effective and so dose their idea of cross-border propagating. As an exhibitor, what we need is not just a host of the exhibition, but also a pusher of our whole industry culture, “Strive for exhibition”, IECIE made it!


Ben Zhang  General Manager, ZTVAPE

Both e-cigarette industry and its relative culture were presented perfectly in IECIE, it is not the first time that ZTVAPE be the exhibitor of IECIE, but we feel pleasant surprised every times. Many thanks to the organizing committee and every visitor of IECIE who have contributed an excellent 3-day show, and IECIE will definitely be a mile stone in ZTVAPE’s history. Thanks and congratulations to IECIE.

Xiaochun Zhang  Marketing Director in China, Ovale

From IECIE, we could see the organizer, Creativity Convention & Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.’s hard work through expo’s onsite atmosphere, exhibitors’ number, global visitors and partner’s enthusiasm as well as the show’s events and promotion, IECIE is worthy of the largest e-cigarette expo in the world. It is a grand meeting to manufacturers, buyers and distributors. During IECIE, Ovale has met clients from more than 10 countries like the US, the UK, France, Germany, etc. and more than 100 domestic agencies. In addition, one of our products has been sold over 200 thousand sets, which could see the splendid future of vape industry. We look forward to witnessing the grand meeting of e-cigarette in next year with more exhibitors, and to promoting its development together.

Jie Xiang  Vice-general Manager, Teslacigs

We are honored and grateful to be the premium sponsor of IECIE, which provide an excellent platform to promote our products.

Since the first cooperation with IECIE in 2014, the organizing committee has presented a positive professional and realistic spirit, plus its full-scaled and diversified service, the success of IECIE is no doubt a consequence; In the 3-year cooperation with IECIE, both of us has been known and recognized by the global e-cigarette market and achieved a win-win situation from two little-known groups; it is gratifying that both of us could look forward to the future together.

Being a long-term partner of IECIE, I believe that IECIE could keep moving and be the most influential and professional e-cigarette expo in the world.

In the future, Teslacigs will continue showcasing the most creative and better customer-demand-meeting product. I look forward to the cooperation with IECIE in every future year.

Yang Zhou  General Manager, MAYA VAPE

It is the first time for MAYA VAPE to exhibit in IECIE. Firstly, I would like to thank the organizer, Creativity Convention & Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. who provides us a great platform and opportunity to meet clients across China. And we also made lots of friend in vape industry via this platform. Thanks to the increasing popularity of IECIE, a great number of worldwide vape fanciers were drew to attend which offers us a great stage to showcase and promote our new products. We have confirmed that we will be the exhibitor in 2018 IECIE and look forward to the cooperation in next year, many thanks and congratulations to IECIE.


Sufei Wang  VP.CMO

This show has made Asvape rise to fame in vape industry. It is exceeded our anticipation for the platform’s popularity onsite and public attentiveness. IECIE is the largest and most professional exhibition in the world with the largest number of exhibitors and best service which made Asvape achieved such success. Doubtlessly, IECIE and Asvape have reached a win-win situation, and Asvape has stood head and shoulders in this platform. I sincerely hope IECIE could keep going and have a greater future.


Lin Wang  Cigfly​​​​​​​

First, congratulations to IECIE’s well success, in China, only this e-cigarette expo held in April could draw all the offline vape shop owners to visit. This year, IECIE has been the largest e-cigarette expo in the world, and I always talked to many foreign friends that it was so incredible and crows-pleasing. Being a domestic brand operating and trading company, Cigfly has made lots of success, and we are also going to conduct more plans in 2017, we sincerely hope we could make more contribution and support to Chinese e-cigarette industry with IECIE.


Tai ji mod

It is the first time that Tai ji mod take part in IECIE. It is a long-awaited event as it is a marvelous opportunity to know the global vape industry to our brand founder.


IECIE is a condensed global vape expo which has provided firsthand experience of global customs and culture, technologies, package structure, e-juice flavor, etc. to those who are interested in vape culture. It is a valuable trip for us as it is the first time to take part in this kind of global vape expo, we have taken lots of photos in order to get more information on various new vape technologies, hardware technologies as well as e-juice layer taste. We tried many a special flavor e-juice from different country, and numerous hardware equipments, technologies and package feasted our eyes, which also remind us of the importance of creativity and professional knowledge.

All in all, we have got a lot with a deep feeling through IECIE, we look forward to the cooperation in next year. In today’s fast-paced society, people are getting fickleness, only competition and creativity could bring progress and opportunity. We were exhausted during this event but we did feel the joy of fulfillment. Additionally, I have made lots of friend from all over the world via this show. Last but not the least, many thanks to IECIE.


IVPS Technology

The 2017 IECIE has finished, as an exhibitor, we showed all products of our own brands SMOK and KOOPOR, which both became the most popular brands during this fair. We think it was a great and successful event, and exceeded our expectation. SMOK started its domestic chain franchise during this exhibition, created a brand new retail mode for e-Cig, which attracted lots of franchisees and it was warmly received in the market. The organizer, Creativity Convention & Exhibiton (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has put lots of work on this event and surely becomes the benchmark in our industry, it received favorable reviews from all the exhibitors! We’ll definitely follow the footsteps of IECIE for our further development.


Kanger Technology​​​​​​​

The effect of this exhibition was pretty good, every segment was well organized, and we hope that the further exhibition can attract more nonprofessionals to expand our spectator group. We suggest separate halls with different functions for vapors and normal spectators.


Susan Herbst Director of Business Development - China,CUTTWOOD

IECIE 2017 was a great success for CUTTWOOD. The organizer did a great job pulling a huge convention like this; quality traffic throughout the 3-day show has been a driving force for the success. Congratulations!


See you next year!