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IECIE "Shanghai Vape Culture Week" Will Be Held in Shanghai in December

IECIE will set to debut in Shanghai

Through recovering in 2017, this year will be "the first year" of rapid development of e-cigarette industry. Under the new opportunities and industry environment, from December 7 to 9, 2018, organized by UBM Creativity, IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week ("IECIE") will forge a "Vape Party" at Hall N1/N2 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Focusing on brand promotion and accelerating the interconnection of industrial resources

Evaluated as one of the most influential e-cigarette exhibitions in the industry, IECIE has always insisted on the purpose of "internationalization and professionalization", forged the most professional B-end and C-end one-stop exhibition platforms and thereby promote the industry communication and development of global e-cigarette market.

This is the first time for IECIE to land in Shanghai. By report, the exhibition area has reached 23,000sq m and it is estimated that there will be more than 1,000 brands and 30,000 professional visitors from 25 countries and regions to join the exhibition wholeheartedly. Worldwide e-cigarette and pop brands will join and bring a fancy and novel "vape party" for vape fans.

"As an international metropolis and the economic center in China, Shanghai not only drives the regional economy and trade development, but also guides the new progress 'Internet + new retail' of e-cigarettes." The organizer of IECIE, UBM Creativity said, "To hold the exhibition in Shanghai, it is expected to enable e-cigarette industry to open the new chapters of 'vape trend' in Shanghai."

It is understood that the IECIE will focus on the brand promotion of exhibitors. Many physical stores, professional buyers, consumers and media worldwide will attend this exhibition, and will jointly create an e-cigarette consumption exhibition which will cause a storm in new retail domain.

Focus on retail level and help to promote industry scale

"As a high-experience product, only through the combination of online and offline sales channels, can the e-cigarette be accepted by more people. The arrival of new retails means that the e-cigarette market will comprehensively break out." As introduced by Leeon, project director of IECIE, the e-cigarettes sales in China are primarily via online platforms, many specialized experience centers and vape shops are emerging offline now, which draws a lot attention from consumers. For instance, the quantity of physical e-cigarette stores has been zoomed from 9 in 2015 to nearly 100 now for recent two years in Shanghai.

At present, e-cigarette industry has shown a good prospect in markets of developed countries and regions. Take USA as an example, for the market during 2008 to 2015, the sales volume has grown from $ 100 million to $ 3.5 billion, the annual average compound growth rate has been over 100% and the development tendency for recent years has been more rapid. In China, with the growth of residents' disposable income, young adults pursue more for fashionable and quality lifestyle. The e-cigarette is also among them and has become a new favorite. Its win-win co-operation with pop culture is expected to become a future of the industry.

"The e-cigarette market in China is increasingly developing. With the improvement of new technologies, there will be more high-quality products with cost performance emerging in e-cigarette market to promote the scale of domestic e-cigarette market." Leeon said.

With such industry opportunities, IECIE will create a good product display and marketing platform for exhibitors and show the charm and market prospect of the 'vape culture'.

The visitor pre-registration of IECIE has already been opened on the official website (www.iecie.com).