2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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2019 IECIE VLOCO Photography Contest


IECIE is having 5th edition in 2019, everyone is invited to this great vape party!

IECIE also prepares a photography contest “VLOCO” to who is interested in combining the charm of vape culture with their photo skills.

The best part is you may win a prize with delicate gifts like latest Mods and e-liquids, ALSO a bonus   about 5 000 CNY (around 740 USD)!


Why still hesitate?

Send your best works via Sabrina.HU@ubm.com

Deadline: March 10th



  1. Each competent is allowed to send 2-5 pieces of artwork with author name, title and short introduction.
  2. Format: JPG, 300dpi, no watermark.
  3. All your artworks must be original and cannot have any copyright disputes.
  4. All submitted artworks will be auto premitted for the promotional purpose of IECIE.