2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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E-Cigarette New Product Promotion and Distribution Conferences

Purpose of the conferences:

In order to help the brand exhibitors sprint to higher sales at the end of the year, IECIE decided to provide free venues in IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, and design grand year-end new product promotion and distribution conferences for brand exhibitors.

The conferences will promote cooperation and communication between the brands and distributors, and provide more traffic resources of professional buyers to brand operators.

20 vape brands will show their new products and publish preferential investment promotion information !Three days in a row, come and get to know it!

Activity preparation:

MOTI、vitavp、RELX、Zippo、vvild、FLOW,The above brands will hold new product release and distribution conferences in the main conference room of IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week. The main conference room can accommodate about 300 people.

In addition, there are 13 brands of LINX、NRX、Smok、foogo、teslacigs、TOOVP、GME、Maskking、JWEI、vfolk、vapes、vapehome、Gimme will hold new product release and distributor conferences. The conference venue will be arranged in the conference rooms side of W4-W5 halls. The conference room can accommodate about 50 people.


Specific conference schedule will be announced later!

20 brand distribution conferences, 3 days in a row without interruption! Looking forward to your participation!