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2019 NTP Global HNB (Heat-Not-Burn) Market, Prospects, Innovation and Technology Application Summit

2019 NTP Global HNB (Heat-Not-Burn) Market, Prospects, Innovation and Technology Application Summit


Since IQOS became a listing company in 2016, HNB has drawn the attention to the domestic, foreign private enterprises, and these companies began to set foot on the HNB market. As the time goes, in 2019, it was an extraordinary year for the domestic e-cigarette market. A large amount of capital, Internet traffic owners and 3C manufacturing companies have decided to take the market share of Pods products, which leads to the spring up of the new pods brands. However, despite of the prosperity of the Pods industry, HNB industry still keeps in low-key comparing with pods. It’s shown that the market of HNB products mainly lies on the following countries, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Although National Tobacco Groups have supported HNB industry extensively, there is still no obvious breakthrough in the application of new technologies, product homogenization. Patent barriers have always been plaguing the progress of the HNB companies.


What will happen when the US FDA officially approved the sales growth of IQOS in the US market? Will HNB products also reach explosive growth in the future? What will be the global market outlook trend?


This summit forum aims to promote the innovation and application of HNB technology and promote the cooperation of the global HNB industry. We invite senior executives,  scientific research team, new material application relevant personnel of Global HNB to gather here, discuss the technological innovation and look forward to the future market prospects together.

Time:31 Oct 2019 
Avenue:Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall W4/ Main Meeting Room


Summit Hightlights

New Policy - Analysis of the latest global policies and regulations (FDA's latest regulations, China policy direction)

New material - New materials applications to break through patent barriers (How company builds their own patent structure)

New technology - Iterative update and application of heating technology (Application of porous ceramic microstructure control technology in HNB)

New product - Technology update and prospects for heating cigarette products

New Market - Global market distribution and prospect analysis (Global New Market Analysis)

Invited guests

China Tobacco Hubei Industrial LLC
China Tobacco Shandong Industrial LLC
Jouz leader
FDA expert


Invited audience

Relevant tobacco companies
Industry practitioners
New material company representative
Tobacco media, mass media
Investment institution / government department representative