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Pods Reloading Mission

IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week concurrent event

In response to the government policy, Waste Sorting and Recycling, IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week appeals to E-cig users to be environmentally conscious in order to meet the national call.

The IECIE organizers will carry out a Pods Reloading Mission campaign cooperating with the exhibitors by conducting pods recycle plan. During the 3 days period, IECIE will recycle used pods and cartridges and give out new pods under a certain ratio.


Respond to nationwide requirements for waste sorting and recycling

Improve the environmental awareness of E-cig consumers

E-cig Brands recycling of used pods can reduce production costs

The brand can use this promotion to establish a good brand image and expand brand influence.

Reward consumers, enhance consumer interaction with brands, and increase consumer loyalty.


Activity Introduction:

Each sponsor publishes its own unique Reloading Code through its own media channels. Consumers can exchange their used pods and cartridges from the Reloading Areas set at the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, or the exhibitors booth exchange point. With the Code, the consumers can exchange used pods and cartridges for new pods.

For example: Reloading code: "IECIE professional one-stop supply chain exhibition platform." With the code reported to the exchange personnel, Consumer can claim their reward.


Highlights of the event:

The Pods Reloading Mission meets environmental protection needs and is beneficial to both the brands and the consumers.

The Reloading Code makes the activity more interesting for military simulation, and also increases brand slogan implantation, interaction with consumers 

Exchange ratio:

In order to facilitate the overall promotion of the event and the management of the exhibition site, IECIE provides a recommended exchange ratio for each brand to “Trade 3 used pods in 1 new pod”: 3 used cartridges for 1 new pod, 3 disposable pods for 1 new disposable pod.



Event preparation:

Brand exhibitors:

After signing up for this event, you need to confirm the exchange ratio and Reloading Code;

Through the online and offline channels to release the linkage activities with the IECIE Pods Reloading Mission, and to warm up the event and call upon customers to participate.


IECIE organizer:

Promotion and logo exposure for participating brand exhibitors;

A free centralized exchange area is set up at the event site.


Organizer: IECIE E-Cig Expo

Time: 2019/10/30-2019/11/01

Venue: W4-W5 Hall, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Activity quota: 5 brand exhibitors

Event sign up deadline: August 16, 2019

Contact details for the event sign up: 0755_88312797 or contact the IECIE sales manager



*The final interpretation of the event belongs to the organizer