2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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2019 IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week Review and Launch for 2020 IECIE Shenzhen E-cig Expo
2019-11-26     Carlos


IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, held from Oct30-Nov1 where top brands from all over the world and vape business men all gathered around was successfully ended and received a high comment from the vape industry.


This year, the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week has drawn 33479 vape visitors from 62 countries and regions all together with 1000 more vape brands at the expo. According to the questionnaire, 80% of the visitors show their satisfaction with the Shanghai show ,and also 75% of the visitors reveal  the intention of return.

IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, aiming to focus in the field of heat-not-burn and functional electronic cigarettes with building up new electronic cigarette ecology, contributes depth technology and innovation concepts to the vape industry and expands the influence of vape culture in the public sphere.


During the show,  two significant conferences were held jointly with 36Kr, a well-known Chinese media, and Youzan, a social e-commerce company, to discuss the development prospects of the e-cigarette industry.

In addition, with the unique social responsibility activity that conducted by IECIE, pods reloading mission which calls for consumers to exchange their used pods product for new pods has risen up the environmental conscience of the public.


Many of the exhibitors spoke highly of the show. NOS, comments that With the support of exhibitors, IECIE has grown into a leading role in the e-cigarette

exhibition, and becoming the most influential vape expo in the world. With the promotion that IECIE has contributed in e-cigarettes industry ,IECIE let the world know Shenzhen as a vape base city, leading Chinese vape market being recognized by the world as well ,which is a great news for vapers all over the world. NOS hopes to keep working with IECIE!” .

What’s more, Vivid also showed their gratitude to IECIE organizer that We are very grateful to the We are very grateful for the  IECIE organizers’ arrangement and hard work of all the staff from IECIE team. Vvild is looking forward to encounter with everyone.”

With the ending of the IECIE Shanghai Vape Culture Week, the promotion job for 2020 IECIE Shenzhen E-cig Expo show will officially launch in no time!  With totally 5 halls held in SHENZHEN CONVENTION & EXHIBITION CENTER, this year the show will be so grand to hold up more than 5000 vape brands and 100000 vape visitors.

The 2020 IECIE Shenzhen E-cig Expo will be held from 24-26Th April 2020, the pre-registration entrance will be available sooner, Please stay focus on the IECIE Official website or Instagram or Wechat.