2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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2020 IECIE Shenzhen Vape Museum

The IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo held the first Chinese Electronic Cigarette Museum in 2019 and achieved great success!

It was the first expo that launched such an idea that 237 collections of antique e-cigarettes have been collected .

After being carefully selected, 78 classic products were finally displayed and deeply attracted the curious eyes of 50,000+ visitors,

It turns out that electronic cigarettes are also products with a sense of history and time.


The history of electronic cigarettes is relatively short, and it all begun with 2003 when the first concept Ruyan which means vape in chinese has been brought up by hanli.



2006 to 2014

The electronic cigarette industry has developed so fast in China and even expanded its impact towards abroad wildly


You still have it in your drawer this big guy?


After 2014

The rise of market of E-cigarettes has come back to China


In addition to the Weipu Forum, there are 17VAPE, steam bus, big steam home, steam state

And many other industry media have also played a big role in the development of Chinese Vape industry


These media people are still working hard

Promote e-cigarette culture




E-cigarette industry steadily prospered in the year of 15, 16, 17 . Variety of products

Some are also extremely luxurious



There is also an expensive and cool BMI that is hard to find


Actually during this period

Except for electronic cigarette manufacturers

Group products are also blooming

Master, blacksmith, scorpion, kung fu, etc.

Has brought a lot of high-quality products


Recalling history can surprise us by how fast this industry has grown into.


All the Products displayed in the museum hasnt reach the even one tenth of the whole products from the industry.


But still let everyone understand the history of e-cigarettes


At the IECIE Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in Shenzhen in 2020, we will continue to continue the classics and create the second electronic cigarette museum!


At the same time, this museum will bring an absolute trend and classics: build a new museum!

The new electronic cigarette museum will become an important part of the museum, showing the latest products and technologies that will be launched in 2020!

Let the visitors understand the future of e-cigarettes from the past of e-cigarettes!


The past is worth remembering, and the future is worth looking forward to!


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