2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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2020 IECIE Shenzhen Special Offering Trading Day


 IECIE, as a professional exhibition in the vertical field of e-cigarettes with global influence. In 2019, after the prohibition regulations that has been released in China. IECIE provides a professional B2B offline special offer platform to gather global e-cigarettes Professional buyers, setting up an offline sales outlet exclusively for vape products-special trading days!






For the brand side: There are consumers in the most vertical fields and the most loyal users. E-cigarette brands increase sales, reduce inventory backlog, and increase brand awareness!


For consumers and big buyers: Give consumers the greatest discount! Buy it and earn it!




Activity time:


Special trading days are arranged in the afternoon of the last day of the exhibition, which can help exhibitors to solve the unsold products, increase sales during the exhibition, and reduce costs caused by round-trip logistics.




Event preparation:


Solicit special products from the brand side: The brand side fills in the product information form and submits it to the IECIE organizer. (It is estimated that there are 30-50 brands, and each brand is limited to one each for large smoke, small smoke, and e-liquid products, and the special price is limited to 20-200.)


Product control principle:


Participating exhibitors should strictly control the quality of special products. It is forbidden to provide expired products, defective products and products with defective quality. If an on-site audience reports the above behavior, IECIE has the right to immediately revoke the exhibitor's qualification to participate in this event, and does not provide the exhibitor with a coupon discount.




Highlights of this IECIE event: "Brand Vouchers"


In addition to special trading days, this event will also prepare "brand discount coupons" for consumers! Brand discount coupons will be delivered upon admission. Large discount coupons can be used for three days and can be used directly at the exhibitor booth! !!