2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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2020 IECIE International eCig Virtual Expo is set to open with IECIE physical event in August
2020-06-29     Carlos

2020 IECIE International eCig Virtual Expo is set to open with IECIE physical event in August



Informa Markets Creative decided to reschedule the physical event 2020 IECIE Shenzhen eCig expo to 20-22 August 2020, alongside with their new iconic virtual expo IECIE international eCig Virtual Expo also held at the same time. This virtual expo is estimated to attract 10,000 vape users across the world, bringing more than 2500 vape exhibitors to go virtually to engage business online through any devices. (PC, App, Wechat miniprogram). It’s especially designed to allow private business video/text chatting, business arrangement with vape brands and new product live showcases and multiple features to audiences. Visitors can login the virtual expo from 20 July to August 20 to review all the vape brands profiles and product catalogs. Meanwhile exhibiting products preview and business meeting arrangements between visitors and exhibitors are also available at this period and all the private business meetings can be directly carried out inside the virtual expo in 3 days during 20-22 August.


IECIE Shenzhen eCig Expo is the largest e-cigarette exhibition in Asia, bringing together upstream industries, battery and power management Chips and Solutions, Battery and Power Management, Heating System, E-juice Flavors and Related Products while mainly displaying some finished products : Disposable pods, atomizer, mods kits, e-liquid (letter nicotine salt e-liquid), heating non-combustion equipment, OEM / ODM / brand , etc.


This year, you don’t need to travel around to world to attend this event but to surf the internet to IECIE virtual expo to connect your business with more than 2500 global vape brands!




2020 IECIE Virtual Expo Features:

AI buyer recommendation system

Adopting AI EXPO artificial intelligence platform to collect key information from visitor registration form and clicks, recommend products of corresponding exhibitor company to visitors. Once you enter the virtual expo, you will be asked to choose your range of interests from product like Mods, Pods system to fields like vape business, vape magazine. With these tags, you can filter all the exhibitors in the Hall to locate your most wanted targets by clicking recommend button on the upside of the floorplan and making your way to the targeted exhibitor.

Show Room

Multi-platform live broadcasting ensuring smooth and clear video during the exhibition. With our cloud system support, IECIE virtual expo enables you to video chat, text chat, voice chat, and even watch the on-site broadcasting from IECIE physical event. 

Business matching system

Business matching system(Calendar), making appointments for business negotiations in advance, multimedia communication with buyers (video, Voice chatting etc.) and efficiently arrange private product demonstration for visitors.

Push notifications for SMS and Email

SMS or email reminder outside the platform, never let go of any message. Once your business meeting requirements have been approved, the notification will be sent to you via email or SMS so that you won’t miss any requests.

Demands Release (Note):

Demands and Products description post releases, AI recommended to find your suppliers and buyers in no time. In the section of Note, you can review all the notes posted by exhibitors. Post will mention products description, or discounts that exhibitors offer. You can even write down your own product demands and waiting for exhibitors to reach out to you.


Multi-platform login

Cellphone App,Wechat, Miniprogram , Web page. Social Media sharing. It allows you to get access to the platform with multiple devices. This time there will be no limit to connect your business with IECIE International eCig Virtual Expo




The price:

This year, IECIE will charge tickets for audiences with 10 USD for early bird ticket before 20 July and 20 USD after 20 July. Given that the travel restrictions and hotel, flights reservations, the cost for attending virtual expo is relatively rational for connecting vape business online.

Early Bird Price: 10USD Before 20 July

Normal Price: 20USD After 20 July


Now that the ticket channel has officially been activated for 2020 show. Click the link and buy the early bird ticket now! Visitor Ticket and entry page: https://biletum.co/ecig-expo-2020