2020 IECIE eCig Expo

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Global Market Review
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Why Exhibit
  • 1.Global e-cigarette market overview
    Global E-Cigarette Market
    Global e-cigarette market size (Unit/million dollars) (Resources: http://www.askci.com/)

    E-cigarette global sales trend
    Global e-cigarette sales and growth trends (Resources: EY)

    The overall market growth slowed down but general amount increased year by year.

    New Market
    China, middle East, India, South Africa, South America, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, etc.

    China e-cigarette market overview (Resources: http://www.askci.com/)
    China Electronic Cigarette Production Statistics(Unit: 10k)
    China's e-cigarette market scale. (unit: million dollars)

    Regional Analysis of China's Electronic Cigarette Market (Resources: Baidu IMC)
    Leading Market: Guangdong, Shandong, Henan
    Cash Cow market: Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shanghai, Liaoning
    Potential market:Hainan, Jilin, Jiangxi

    Chinese User Features
    China market: Blue Ocean
    • With 26%Compound growth rate, E-cigarette user in China is expected to exceed 20 billion in 2020
    • China has 350 million smokers: 100 billion blue ocean market
    Chinese E-cigarette market changes
    • Vape shop: 5 300 decreased to 3 500
    But there’re much more convenience stores, bars, gas stations, pharmacies began to sale e-cigarette
    • Leading products: Mods to Pods
    • Users: Vapers to Smokers

    Sale channels in China (2017) (Resources: Qdaily)
    Positive Future Trend for e-cigarette market
    • Health consideration promotes development
    • Huge Market makes increasing demands
    • E-cigarette has better cost-effective
    • Increased tax burden tobacco transformation

    2.IECIE – The best platform for you to showcase your company in this fast-growing Asian market
    • Since 2015, IECIE has grown form 100 brands and 10 000+ visitors in 5 years to now 1 500+ bands to 50 000 visitors. The exhibiting area has expanded to 40 000sq m from 7 500sq m, which is the biggest e-cigarette in the world.
    • During IECIE 2018, 54 593 visitors has come to the show, which includes international buyers from 45 countries such as America, Canada, South Africa, Japan, Korea, UK, France, Germany, Italy, etc.
    • Up to now, IECIE is with the largest scale e-cigarette exhibition in the world which includes both upstream and downstream of the industry. Here are the exhibitor range:
    - Devices: pods, Heat-not-Burn, mods devices, etc.
    - E-liquids, nicotine salt e-liquid
    - Vaporizers
    - Accessories: batteries, coils, electronic components, etc.
    - Flavors, bottles, etc.
    - Machines: E-liquid filling machines, laser printing machines, label printing machines, etc.
    - Trading companies, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, etc.
    - Service companies: logistics, package printing, etc.

    3.What will IECIE provide you if you exhibit?
    • Non-stop promotion via IECIE’s website, social media (Wechat with 40 000+ followers, Weibo with 50 000+ followers, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.), EDM, direct mail, etc.
    • Business matchmaking with buyers (distributors, wholesalers, retailers, etc.)
    • Interview with famous industry media in China
    • Factories tour
    • Ultimate logistics instruction for the show such as construction, freight, part-time recruitment (translators, models, etc.), accommodation booking, etc.
    • Assistance with planning the trip, visa, and travel advises

    Every year IECIE enlarges its scale, so dose IJOY’s booth. As an IECIE old customer, we truly feel that IECIE did a great job in every aspect, from the wide range promotion to the considerate service, we were satisfied about all.

    IECIE 2018 has been successfuly held in Shenzhen. There were many new interactions added, such as pop culture zones including car turning, barber shop, tattoo. Which had helped in the attraction of visitors.

    RELX as a new brand, we felt the vigorous development and diversity of the entire industry during the event. We have met with a variety of compelling products and get new partners from many different countries.

    IECIE shows their professionalism and charisma as a professional organizer. They made propaganda in different ways and so created an influential vape event. We are sincerely delighted to see that everyone was showing interest in our new products. In particular, some overseas buyers may not know our brand before the show, they discovered and knew about Laan at the event which gave us confidence to expand the overseas market. This is why IECIE expo is so significant to us.
    Huayu has brought MC, a brand new Heat-Not-Burn device to IECIE. During the show, our booth was very demanding with popularity, and the launch of the MC heat not burn device is stunning. Both MC and another products have drawn a large attention from overseas buyer, and reached high recommendation. We have spoken with buyers from more than 10 countries (regions) like Japan, Korea, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, North America, Nigeria etc., which have built a foundation for new tobacco product.

    IECIE is a bench- mark in vape industry. Plenty of pods were showcased at this show, which indicates the pods market has a bright future. Trading companies and manufactures pay attention to this market via IECIE. We can see an increasing number of smoke-quitting groups, which means not just vaper, had realized the essential aspect of e-cigarettes.